Posted on 2021/4/9

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[ASIX Article] How to Practice TSN on Linux Platform

An easy way to enter the new generation industrial Ethernet, Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) world by connecting PCI Express TSN Network Card on industrial computers.
The new generation industrial Ethernet, TSN technology enables real-time, deterministic communications over standard Ethernet for industrial automation applications, and can also converge the non-time-critical IT and time-critical OT networks to meet the requirements for Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing. The combination of TSN with OPC UA, which provides the key technology to realize Smart Factory and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), becomes a rising star of next generation industrial communication technologies.

To enable TSN functions on existing industrial computers, ASIX AXM57104 Quad Port TSN Gigabit Ethernet PCIe NIC Card solution provides an easy way to evaluate TSN functionalities on industrial Linux platforms.

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