Posted on 2021/5/28

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ASIX USB Ethernet macOS Big Sur 11.3 Driver Installation Troubleshooting

ASIX USB Ethernet macOS 11.3 and above driver supports ASIX AX88179/AX88178A/AX88772C/AX88772B USB Ethernet controllers.

On macOS Big Sur 11.x, the DEXT drivers and System extensions run in user space, instead of inside the kernel’s process space. Running in user space improves system stability and makes it easier to develop, debug, and install your code.

The 3rd party DEXT drivers are system extensions and run in user space. Users MUST run ASIX USB Ethernet DEXT driver application to manually activate or deactivate ASIX USB Ethernet DEXT driver in user space mode.

Please download the latest ASIX USB Ethernet macOS 11.3 and above driver from ASIX AX88179/AX88178A/AX88772C/AX88772B Drivers Download web pages (

Note that ASIX AX88178/AX88772/AX88772A USB Ethernet controllers are already supported by Apple “AppleUSBEthernet” native driver on macOS Big Sur 11.x.
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